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Do you frequently do export operations? The approved exporter status safeguards you and makes you more competitive!

Find out what services Easyfrontier offers to obtain the approved exporter status!

The Approved Exporter status is an authorisation which can be obtained submitting a request to the territorially competent customs office, that will release the authorization after an audit in the company which aim is to demonstrate that the applicant company can give properly proof of the preferential origin of the exported goods. The approved exporter status allows you to benefit from two types of advantages: elimination of criminal sanctions (you will declare in your invoice the details of the goods, without having to use the EUR 1 movement certificate) and elimination of the queue times when it comes to deal with the customs authorities. This authorization will safeguard your interests making you quicker and more competitive. Easyfrontier acts proactively: we make available our experts and carefully verify that the requirements are met to submit the approved exporter authorization request. Moreover, we give you assistance throughout all the follow up procedure and we will be at your side also during the audit phase carried out by the customs authority. Finally, we are always available for any update regarding any possible future trade agreement between Countries.

What is the Approved Exporter Status?

It is an authorization issued by the Customs Agency that allows any economic operator to give proof of the preferential origin of the goods exported directly using the invoice declaration and without any limitation in the amount.

The invoice declaration submitted by the Approved Exporter substitutes the issuance of the EUR 1 movement certificate for the exports towards Countries that have a trade agreement with the EU. Thanks to this declaration, your customer in the destination Country won’t have to pay customs duties or will have to pay inferior customs duties. It is a simplification set out in Art. 120 of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 2015/2447.

What are the main advantages?

Do you deliver your goods using the Ex-works condition? Do you trust the customs representative that is filling out the EUR 1 form for you? Can you avoid any risk related to the wrong filling of the form? Yes! Thanks to the Approved Exporter Status authorization, you’ll be able to personally verify what is declared in the invoice. 

This means:

  • Eliminating the risk of criminal penalties (discrepancies between what is declared in the invoice and in the EUR1 certificate);
  • Eliminating the queue times in the customs offices;
  • Eliminating the costs related to the issuance of the EUR 1 movement certificate.

Who is this certificate addressed to?

It addresses to all the industrial and commercial enterprises that export frequently.

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