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Do you want to better understand the customs issues related to your business activity? Do you have any doubts or questions? Easyfrontier and its customs professionals make their expertise and know-how available for you.

Easyfrontier experts are at your disposal to offer you assistance on the wide set of customs-related issues, and to go further into detail in the topics you are more interested in, evaluating and discussing with you any possible trade opportunity in new scenarios. Our consultancy activity is based on a continuous dialogue for a mutual growth that will allow your business to make foreign trade easier and to concretely improve your competitiveness.

  • Assistance in obtaining customs simplifications (AEO, approved exporter status)
  • Origin of goods
  • Dual use
  • “Made in” labelling
  • Embargo
  • Tariff classification
  • Incoterms
  • Trade Intelligence
  • Customs dispute/legal assistance
  • Transfer pricing

Easyfrontier offers every day to its clients a preferential channel for assistance and the opportunity to quickly get the right answers.

Origin of goods

The correct procedure for conferring origin to the goods is a crucial step to get the appropriate customs declaration: the main issue is related to the suppliers’ long term declaration. Criminal and administrative penalties are strictly related. How to behave?

The analysis of the correct procedure for conferring origin as preliminary step for a conscious attribution of origin, can disclose new business opportunities for you.  Taking advantage of the trade agreements between EU and third countries, your business will enjoy relief from the application of import duties. What is the correct origin conferring procedure? How to implement the origin conferring procedure in business processes?

Dual use – Dual use products

The knowledge of the dual use Regulation and the correct tariff classification of goods. When is the technical report necessary? Can a product recognised as “dual use” be exported? When and how is it possible to request the authorization?

“Made” in labelling

The false or misleading statement on origin of goods. The consumer misled by the labelling: goods seized by the customs authority and the related criminal penalties. What are the possible remedies? How to implement the business procedures?

The processing carried out abroad, the outward processing traffic: is it possible to obtain a “Made in Italy” product? What are the elements to consider?

Embargo – Limitations to export

What are the prohibitions? What are the penalties? What are the required authorisations?

Tariff Classification

The tariff classification of goods represents a crucial element for a correct attribution of the origin and in general for the issuance of a correct customs declaration. What are the risks related to an incorrect classification? What are the necessary instruments to validate the tariff classification?


The delivery conditions of the goods represent a variable that must be carefully handled, and in order to avoid unpleasant and dangerous surprises, it is crucial to indicate the right one in the official documents. What is the correct term to choose?

Trade intelligence

Is your company aiming at developing new trade exchanges with a specific Country? You can rely on Easyfrontier Trade Intelligence to better address your commercial relationships!

Easyfrontier offers you a multifaceted TI service, carrying out market analysis and studies aimed at specific Countries and products in which your company may be  interested. The set of information acquired, together with our strategic consultancy will represent for you a complete operative framework that will allow your company to set a stable relation with the counterpart, taking into account all the possible benefits and criticisms.


Easyfrontier assists you when defining the procedure negotiated with the freight forwarders, related to the SOLAS legislation. With reference to the SOLAS convention, what services does Easyfrontier offer to you?

Easyfrontier experts work with you to train your internal staff on the main aspects of the SOLAS convention and to analyse the relationships between freight forwarders and clients, also with reference to the INCOTERMS used. We will analyse with you the possible solutions and implement the new procedures standardizing provisions, forms, defining shipping document formats and the related content. 

Customs dispute/Legal assistance

Your goods have been detained or seized by the customs authority? The value of your goods (royalties issue) has been contested during the exporting procedures? Easyfrontier, thanks to its specialized experts, can provide you with legal assistance during both the civil and criminal phase, to resolve any dispute that may arise and to assist you throughout all the litigation phases.

Transfer pricing

“Transfer pricing” expression identifies the procedure used to determine the appropriate ‘transfer price’ when transferring the ownership of goods/services/intangibles via inter-company transactions. 

The transfer pricing procedure is widely used to determine the normal value of the prices or profits related to the transaction between two associated companies resident in Countries with different taxation rules (cross-border), i.e. two companies belonging to the same multinational.

The pricing agreed in international financial transactions between companies belonging to the same group, or connected to each other, is a sensitive area in two ways: direct taxes and customs duties. 

In the case of an inter-company purchase:

  • According to the Tax Agency, the price should not be increased as by doing so, the tax basis of assessment would result lower than the one expected in Italy.
  • According to the Customs Authority, the price should not be lessened with the sole purpose of lowering the customs duty when importing the goods.

Easyfrontier stands by your side to precisely determine the correct transfer price in inter-company transactions.

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