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Have you verified the impact of the export control regimes on your export operations? Reduce the risks and protect your business!

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The existence of authorization regimes for export operations, such as dual use, has the aim to monitor and to require authorization for the export of high-tech content goods. There regulations are always more widespread on a global scale, and their scope is refining based on all the risks linked to the proliferation of terrorist movements and organizations redefining the global balances.

Easyfrontier not only gives you the tools and technical assistance you need in case of dual use goods export operations; thanks to our skills and expertise we can extend our assessment activity to all the products you commercialize, with relation to the main export control regimes widespread on a global scale. By doing so, we ensure that the goods you have exported are compliant with the relative allied/partner country legislation, and we prevent any possible commercial retaliation.

Moreover, in case of export restrictions, the exporter has to take into account some precise aspects, among which the due diligence procedures relative to specific exports, and required from the credit institution to which the companies turn in case of international payment. Easyfrontier will help you also during the due diligence procedures, strictly cooperating with your company and the bank.

Who are the main actors involved in the export control processes?

The EU, the United States and Australia are among the leading Countries in export procedures and control regimes of high-tech goods. Easyfrontier fully supports your business during the technical verification process relative to the applicability of the main international export control regimes to the goods to be exported – this circumstance is increasingly taken into account by commercial contracts and their relative provisions.

How can my business benefit from a trade compliance program?

Taking into account the limitations and the obligations that may arise from a careful application of the export control, your company will dramatically reduce the risks of sanctioning or limitations in international trade, also from third Countries.

Easyfrontier will provide a clear overview of the applicable export control regimes and international/multilateral penalties, based on your type of product and the destination Country. Through the activation of an internal audit and compliance procedure, you will have the real chance to avoid marginalization in international trade and to prevent the possibility to incur in unpleasant commercial restrictions and to suffer from “blacklist” effects.

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