Trade Intelligence

Do you want to develop trade relationships with a specific Country? Let us guide you along your commercial relations and trust Easyfrontier Trade Intelligence service!

Find out more about Easyfrontier Trade Intelligence service!

Easyfrontier offers you a structured Trade Intelligence service, carrying out studies and analysis aimed at Countries and Products that your business might be interested in.

Through specific survey instruments, we gather significant information concerning:

  • Statistics
  • Import/export monitoring both from Italy and target Country side – i.e. mirroring
  • Market share and penetration rate in Italy and in other Countries
  • Mutual exchanges between countries that have free trade agreements (FTA)
  • Tariff barriers
  • Measures limiting imports from third Countries (anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, safeguards…)
Once obtained this information, we will proceed and analyse it with you, giving you targeted consultancy based on your interests, suggestions and doubts. You will then have at your disposal a complete operational framework, developed together with Easyfrontier, that will allow you to establish a commercial relationship with the counterpart that fully takes into account the potential advantages and criticism. The Trade Intelligence analysis allows a conscious and scientific approach to the commercial relationship that every company aims at developing, and show its competitive advantages all along the way: starting from the formulation of the commercial offer to the new customers, to the clearance procedures, with the constant monitoring and support of Easyfrontier.

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