AEO Authorization

Fast lane in customs operations? With the AEO Authorization, you have up to 95% fewer physical and document based controls!

How can Easyfrontier help you to obtain the AEO Authorization?


Easyfrontier experts will guide your business through all the necessary steps to obtain the AEO authorization: we do not simply tell you what you need to do, but we’ll make it with you! We proactively verify the characteristics of your business activity, uniform them to the required standards and we will stand by your side throughout all the authorization process.


Our role is also to mediate between your business activity and the Customs Authority, streamlining the communication and following every step of the authorization process, showing you how customs authorities can effectively become a strategic partner in your import and export activities.


Our long time expertise in the business field, allows us to get into every aspect of your business (IT, management, accounting, organization, operations, production) and to understand with you the customs solutions that suit your business procedures best.

What is the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) Authorization?

Starting from the 1st January 2008, and based on the Regulation (EC) 1875/2006, better specified with the recently introduced  UCC (Union Customs  Code), EU companies can submit to the Customs Authorities the request for an authorisation that allows them to speed up customs procedures and simplify controls  procedures in all the international trade transactions: the Authorized Economic Operator.

The authorization is based on the construction of the so-called secure supply chain, i.e. the possibility to interconnect all the operators involved in an international exchange.

Among the possible certifications: 

  • AEOF: customs simplifications/security and safety
  • AEOC: only customs simplifications
  • AEOS: only security and safety simplifications
  • AEO Authorization: main advantages

The AEO authorization has several advantages, as it confers to the companies that obtain it an high reliability worldwide recognized by control authorities.

Reliability is not the only advantage: there are many other benefits of immediate effectiveness: 

  • preferential channels for goods clearance in import and export;
  • extreme simplification in obtaining any customs authorisation;
  • up to 95% fewer physical and document based controls from the customs authority;
  • possibility to select the place where to carry out customs controls;
  • prior notification of all the controls arranged by the customs authority;
  • reduction or elimination of the security controls performed by Third Countries.

Whom is the AEO addressed to?

The AEO authorization is addressed to all the industrial and commercial businesses, to the intermediaries, the customs agencies, the carriers and to all the actors involved in international trade activities.

In order to obtain the AEO authorization, you are required to provide:

  • a reliable accountability and internal control system;
  • a proven financial solvency;
  • a compliance record with no severe and repetitive infractions;
  • an appropriate management of the business security.

How can I obtain the Authorization?

The AEO authorization is issued after an accurate analysis by the Customs Agency, whose activity is more of an audit than an investigation.

The territorially competent Customs Office, once received the request and a self-assessment questionnaire (optional), after an initial formal verification, arranges together with the company the audit day dates. During these days the Customs authority will assess the existence of the necessary requirements and analyse the documents relevant in order to obtain the authorization. These meetings are held at the company’s premises and have the aim to assess whether the company meets or not the requirements necessary to the issuance of the authorization.

At the end of these meetings and after carrying out the required analysis, the Customs Office sends to the customs headquarters its evaluations. The agency, and more precisely the Central direction legislation and customs procedures Office, will issue within 90 days the AEO authorization in case of positive evaluation and in absence of negative reports from the customs authority of the other EU Member States.


Once obtained the AEO authorisation, the company can submit a request that allows it to clear the import/export goods in-house, at its premises and to use the normal procedure in designated place, i.e.:

  • carry out the import/export procedures in the company’s warehouses without having to physically present the goods to the customs authorities;
  • self-assessment of the information used for clearance;
  • telematics delivery of the SAD to the Customs Agency IT system. 

Easyfrontier offers you a unique service: from your desk, in a click you’ll be able to ship your goods and to receive the documents assessing the effective exit of them from the European Union customs territory.

Main advantages of in-house clearance:

  • Eliminating the queue times in customs offices;
  • Eliminating the additional costs arising from the physical presentation of the goods in the customs offices;
  • Arrival and departure of non EU goods directly from your warehouses;
  • Payment of customs duties deferred for up to 45 days;
  • Possibility to check clearance procedure steps;
  • Reduction of mistakes;
  • Correct tariff classification of goods;
  • Correct application of customs duties.

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